A few words on forgiveness.

“If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.”- Romans 12:18

What a beautiful garden full of life and color; walking hand in hand hearts filled with joy and wonder

Security, peace, surpassing exciting feats; gazing into the sunsets horizon

Praise God for what He’s done; Oh what a beautiful garden.

When morning comes and the flowers have faded; when clouds gather above but it won’t start raining

Neglected, abandoned, arms crossed in defense; Where did you go? How could you leave me like this?

Anguish grabs hold and sadness leaves; the furrowing of the brow, the garden ceases.

Continuing to walk along the trail, He speaks

“I aid you in your distress, forgiveness is from the heart so love and bless”

The clouds well up; it starts to rain and I say

“I cannot forgive, this pain I feel is too much, I cannot forget the garden we had and now it’s decaying in ruin”

The sun starts to peer through the clouds, not needing permission from the rain

The roses start to bloom; My God where are you in the midst of this?

He reminds me that, I, wretched as can be, am still just as forgiven as I was when Jesus took on Calvary.

“The pain might not leave, forgiveness liberates you, it sets you free” He speaks so softly to my aching heart.

The garden starts to get its color back; life continues to grow

I look down and my hand is grasping the roses; they are so beautiful

My hand is grasping the roses, not thinking twice about the thorns.

Blood spills out as I wrap my hand even tighter around this beautiful flower.

It starts to rain again, and I thank my Father.

The garden never stopped growing, I feel free; I know that God loves me.

“I must forgive, I do feel pain, I can forgive because of His sweet and precious Name”

I look down and my hand is still grasping the rose.

I am looking up into the sky, the thorns. It was always the thorns.



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