…and she loves Jesus

Alright, so it’s been almost two months and I have yet to post something…so here I go (please cut me some slack, I’ve never done this before)! I have really been wanting to get this thing started, but I just didn’t even know where to begin. Soooooo I bet y’all are wondering why the title of my blog is “sanctifying surgery”, and if you haven’t wondered that, now you are. It all goes back to some song lyrics I heard way back when (approx. 2 years ago), which is basically forever if you are an impatient person like I USED to be. Song lyrics? ugh. She is one of those weirdos who likes song lyrics and she must post facebook status updates with them and instagram posts…YES you would be correct about 3 of those last 3 or 4 things stated. I know the anticipation is killing you, so the lyrics from the song are “I volunteer for Your sanctifying surgery, I know the Spirit’s purging me of everything that’s hurting me” (bonus points for anyone who knows what song or artist). So let me break this down for you. When I heard these specific words, I literally had to play back the song to this part and hear them again. It was as if God was speaking to me right then. I remember I didn’t even know what these particular words meant at the time, but the Holy Spirit was tugging at my heart.

Sanctify- “means to set apart, declare holy, free from sin, purify” (according to google)

Surgery- can be defined as “the treatment of injuries or disorders of the body by incision or manipulation, especially with instruments” (again, according to google)

So one could conclude that sanctifying surgery means to purify one’s body of a disorder by incision (oh so graphic right?) Literally, cutting into the body and removing something harmful sounds pretty serious though, and it is. Spiritually speaking though, I looked at it this way. When I became a follower of Christ, whether I realized it or not, I was “volunteering” for God’s sanctifying surgery. God’s will for us is to be holy above all (life is not all about being happy…shocker I know). So God loves us so much, He sometimes has to take us into surgery to remove the sickness, disease, or harm that we may have going on in our hearts or in our lives. And we signed up for this! We don’t even realize that sometimes people, relationships, thoughts, actions, etc. are actually hurting us, and if we don’t do anything to rid us of the bad stuff, that’s when God sometimes has to intervene. So here I am, laying on a gurney (more like strapped in by force), sick and dying, filled with sin, and here comes my doctor (God). He tells me we are going into surgery because there are a few things He needs to fix in me so I can survive, and here I am screaming at God telling Him, “NO!”. I am scared, I am confused, I don’t know why He is about to take me into surgery, it’s going to hurt, I am angry, I don’t like doctors (childhood fear), I didn’t sign up for this, I am here by force…

“Ah My child, but see, you did indeed sign up for this.” I can hear the Doctor telling me in a very calm, peaceful voice. Still I am fighting it.

I know the Spirit’s purging me of everything that’s hurting me. BAM, revelation of the mind. I repeated these words to myself again, I know THE Spirit is purging me, as in God is getting rid of everything that is hurting me. That is why He had to take me into surgery. So, in order for me to be sanctified as a follower of Christ, this required the removal of sin in any part of my life, in me, or of anything that was harmful to my walk with Christ. I may be, being redundant here but my dang. I couldn’t cure the disease in my heart on my own. I wouldn’t listen to God when the Spirit was telling me that these things(will be further explained later, maybe) were harmful to me in my life and would only continue to be hurtful to me in the long run. So God scheduled me for surgery, and with surgery came pain, but also came healing. Now, hindsight being 20/20, I understand why God took away some things in my life and instead of being angry at Him for it, I am so grateful for a God who loves me like that. I am reminded daily, that when I chose to follow Christ, I am choosing a life full of trials and hardships (this ain’t no walk in the park). I willingly gave up my life for Christ, and to become more like Him, I must become less like me. The Spirit is going to purge me of things that are hurting me, whether I realize that those things are hurting me or not. Now I see. And the pain that I experienced in those operating rooms do not compare to the joy I have had through them. Sometimes God has to take away things or people or whatever in our lives that is causing us hurt and pulling us away from Christ, leading us into sin, to make room for the person He called us to be. A sanctified believer. Oh how wonderful is it, that HE knows. He knows far more than we do, and I still to this day make it a conscious effort to volunteer for God’s sanctifying surgery, because it is a blessing to know that the Spirit is indeed purging us of everything that is hurting us.

ps. this is a lifelong process, sanctifying surgery. God is so good though, that He cares about us and loves us so much, He wants the best for us, and doesn’t want us to get hurt if there is anything He can do about it. He knows the outcome, so we just have to trust in Him, even if it does hurt. Oh yeah! I won’t forget to add that His healing can bring some of the most indescribable peace that you will ever experience. God is so so so good.

Boasting-Lecrae ft. Anthony Evens

Thanks for taking your time to read my thoughts that I have typed out, for those of you that have made it this far. Praying for y’alls walks’ with Christ on this Saturday night. God bless.

we are so undeserving.







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